Too many riders are in discomfort or even pain during or after riding. For some reason the equestrian world seems to think that we need to go through some kind of pain barrier to be qualified to ride well.

We don’t always realise our incredibly important role as the load that the horse has to carry, as the decision maker for your horse’s well being and as his advocate when working with professionals.

We lack basic knowledge about saddle fit and are often confused by all the different sources of advice on the internet, much of which conflicts, with many different “schools” of saddle fit. We fail to realise that if we are unbalanced in the saddle, wherever the fault lies, the horse will suffer.

My work is to always place the horse at the centre of everything, yet to bring the rider along too. To help them learn more about the role of the saddle, and their role in monitoring and maintaining the horse-saddler-rider equation. If you decide you’d like to work with me you’ll learn a ton – about yourself as a rider, as a horse owner, and about what your horse truly needs to maintain long term soundness. I will refer you to other professionals as appropriate – for instance most riders would benefit from a rider focused off horse exercise programme (usually not strenuous!) as well as ridden biomechanics sessions.

AH Saddles offer comfort for most riders in an off the peg package. It’s rare that a rider can’t find a comfortable and discipline-suitable saddle for them where they can aid effectively, without compromising the fit for the horse. I do recommend a rider assessment as I may be able to make recommendations for customisation, or otherwise adapt a saddle, to suit you even better.

ALL Ergox2 fittings include a full rider assessment, conducted both off and on the horse. This rider assessment is optionally available for all fittings and is recommended to all riders. You’ll come away with an understanding of your pelvic shape and dimensions, usually a massive lightbulb moment, your asymmetries, strengths and weaknesses as a rider and what you are likely to need from a saddle. If you complete an Ergox2 fitting you will of course receive a detailed recommendation as to the options you would need on any saddle ordered.

All riders are strongly recommended to work both off and on the horse on their own symmetry and strength, and this is essential for fitting with the Ergox2 range.

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