My Approach

I’m a specialist saddle fitter based in Suffolk, covering a huge territory helping all sorts of owners and riders with their wider and usually tricky-to-fit horses and ponies, often where all more local saddle fitters have been unable to supply a saddle that works. Most of my business comes from in person and online word of mouth, I don’t advertise at all and the company has a minimal advertising budget. I think that speaks for itself.

The saddles I fit are all top quality leather saddles from AH Saddles Ltd, built on traditional wooden trees in the Midlands, the home of saddle making for centuries. They are not like most traditional saddles however, despite appearances. They are designed from the ground up to work for wider horses and ponies, with special solutions for the croup high, the very wide, and for relatively large riders riding short backed horses.

I am also unusual in that I aim to fit from stock, we carry a lot of saddles in stock and so you seldom have to have the uncertainty and delay of ordering a saddle, and you get a 14 day trial. I pride myself on providing the very best customer service to ensure that you are totally happy that you have the very best solution for you and your horse.

I also have a very holistic approach. I can fit you a great saddle but if your horse has other issues such as poor front feet for example then you’re never going to build up muscle, and I want the horse to be comfortable and happy, so I may chat to you about any other issues I see. I may see physical issues and recommend your horse sees a back person, I may suggest you read up about feeding or about foot balance, there are so many issues that affect horses and we can’t all know everything. Always a learning opportunity! I know many of my customers have been alerted to quite major issues at a saddle fitting and have got back on track to fixing their horses issues.

When fitting a saddle it is incredibly important that, whenever possible, the saddle is ridden in at all paces, and ideally by the rider that will use the saddle long term. If there is more than one rider, if the trainer will have an input, of the horse has physical issues, then I would be delighted for all riders, the trainer, and the back person to be present at the fitting. We need to ensure the saddle is stable in movement, that horse and rider are totally satisfied with the choice and fit of the saddle. I hope never to make saddle fitting out to be akin to “smoke and mirrors” and seek to help those who wish to learn more, and to try and make their horses more comfortable long term. I also will work with customers to ensure their saddle is still a good fit in between hands on fittings, after all your saddle continuing to fit is not only essential for your horse’s comfort and fit but is also important for my reputation!