Do you check and adjust all saddles?

No, I’m afraid I am a specialist and only check the two brands that I sell and fit – AH and ErgoX2 saddles.

Which areas do you cover?

Based in Suffolk I cover East Anglia/East Midlands very regularly. I do travel further including Yorkshire, NE England, southern Scotland and even Northern Ireland.

At some point in 2023 I will be relocating to Biggar, S.Lanarks, Scotland. I will still cover the East Midlands but probably see people at single-venue clinics (indoors wherever possible), and may do the same for N.England. .

It may be possible for me to travel further afield for Ergox2, please enquire.

How do I book in?

If you haven't already please fill in my booking form - no commitment but it helps us to help you more easily. Please do read all the accompanying notes. If you'd like a chat first to answer questions then Mondays and Thursdays are usually the best days for me. You will receive an autoreply and I will follow up by email or phone. Specific photos of your horse are always required for new bookings. If booking a saddle check I will be in touch as soon as I have enough people in your area with a selection of dates to see your availability.

What are your prices?

You can find the full price list here, or I can email a printable PDF version on request.

The AH price list is here , Ergox2 are £2800-3300 for jump saddles and £3100-3400 for dressage.

Used saddles are occasionally available directly but I do offer a used saddle advice service and can then come out and fit what you find, with my guidance. Used AH saddles are most commonly sold here, Facebook – Used saddles for sale group I usually have a very small selection of saddles suitable for lease while rehabbing horses through substantial shape change.

Do you cover certain areas on certain days?

My territory is vast so I always take your booking (including getting photos for new customers) and then my diary team (usually Kirstie) will book you in asap. Longer distance trips are usually 2-3 days and take some booking as you can imagine, so the more flexible you can be the easier it is.

Discounts on callout only available for customers on the same yard.

Do you stock used saddles?

Rarely. Both brands are rare, and popular, so I seldom have more than one or two saddles and they are usually retained for temporary rehab fittings where the horse will change shape rapidly. Please enquire about my advice service for used saddles.

Are you a remedial saddle fitter?

I would say the vast majority of my work would be considered remedial as I seldom see horses that are without some impact from a poorly fitting saddle. I have a variety of different ways of tackling these for horses likely to change shape, ground work being the main focus but also including a very small selection of temporary “rehab” saddles that are available to lease, and a choice of shim pads/systems to enable frequent fitting adjustments.

Are you a qualified saddle fitter?

No I am not. I have looked into qualifications but with 13 years experience and a great reputation I only take on training and CPD that adds to what I can do for my customers, and doesn’t expect me to change the way I fit. I attend regular CPD training in real life and online and believe that my training and ongoing mentoring, from Andrea Hicks and Maria Hallring, is the best there is.

I’m interested in a rider assessment, do you offer these alone?

Yes, but only for a group of a minimum of 3 riders at a venue. Please enquire.