Beautiful sheepskin pads and numnahs highly recommended under an AH Saddle. They provide soft tissue expansion space, wick sweat so cooling the back, spread pressure, absorb some shock (from basic tests are comparable with a Prolite) and, if ordered with the correction system, provide extremely fine tunable shimming capabilities for rehab or seasonal change.

A huge range of styles are available, covering all the shapes of saddles I stock, and offering shapes at the back edge such as shaped numnahs, Eurofit and swallowtail Baroque, as well as standard squares. Mattes offers a vast array of custom colours for the various components enabling full customisation, including velvets, sheen fabrics and plain cotton, a rainbow of sheepskin, binding and piping colours too. Prices range from £85 for a basic sheepskin half pad and £43 for a plain numnah.

I carry a very small amount of stock, usually cob size VSD/GP half lined correction (shim) pads in brown to fit up to 17.5 saddles, occasionally other models or colours avilable.


I only work with brands I truly love. Until 2021 I worked with only one brand of saddle and one brand of saddle pad, but more recently I’ve had some exciting developments in my business and can now offer two brands for each. All four of these are exceptional in their field, offering manufacturing quality as well as performing well above any others that I’ve come across over the years. None of the four are “tack shop” brands – they’re specialist, the best of the best and for my discerning customers who seek out the best solutions for the challenges they face for them and their horses.

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