Hi-tech half pads that contain a layer of the very best impact protection material available, d3o. d3o is based on a “non-Newtonian fluid” technology, where an impact means the bonds in the material actually change, stiffening up, and then soften when the impact is over. These are brilliant for showjumping and cross country, protecting the horse’s back, as well as the rider’s back, from the worst effects of landing over larger fences, but some horses appreciate them for all activities including dressage. Strongly recommended for horses with previous saddle fitting or postural issues. Standard pad £160/165 (to order only), shim pad £180 usually available from stock in black and brown, with an optional white cover where needed.


I only work with brands I truly love. Until 2021 I worked with only one brand of saddle and one brand of saddle pad, but more recently I’ve had some exciting developments in my business and can now offer two brands for each. All four of these are exceptional in their field, offering manufacturing quality as well as performing well above any others that I’ve come across over the years. None of the four are “tack shop” brands – they’re specialist, the best of the best and for my discerning customers who seek out the best solutions for the challenges they face for them and their horses.

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