ErgoX2 saddles optimise rider fit through scientific means, assessing pelvis shape and hip conformation, and how you sit on your particular horse’s ribcage, resulting in the optimum support without restriction for the rider, bringing you close to the horse’s centre of gravity and placing you where you can best enable the horse to push up in front. This benefit to equine posture is at the basis of everything we do, with the “Vertikal Balanserad Riding” or VBR techniques developed in Sweden to assess and benefit both horse and rider, with ErgoX2 saddles providing the perfect interface.

Having an ErgoX2 saddle will bring you massive benefits but also expects more of the rider – most riders would need to consider some kind of off-horse rider focused conditioning programme, and/or seeing a bodyworker as required, in order that you are as close to straight as possible, and as functional as possible, in the saddle. Once we find the right fit for you sitting straight in the saddle will be easier, but it will still be necessary in most instances to work with conditioning and/or biomechanics coaches. I work with several and can recommend on.

The same is required for your horse – bodywork, therapeutic groundwork and appropriate ridden work and again can suggest programmes to look at.

ErgoX2 believes that correct biomechanics for both are the best way to progress and to ensure long term health and soundness, and that I am not just coming to fit a saddle as a “magic wand” to fix issues. Instead the saddle fitter is part of an overall holistic approach.

The saddles are made both in Argentina and France, are on wooden trees with flocked panels. They are beautiful quality, superbly comfortable and when we get the right fit for horse and rider, like nothing you’ve every ridden in before.

I carry a range of demo saddles, dressage and jump. Most orders are custom made but for some reasonably "standard" orders stock may be held at head office in Sweden for rapid delivery or may already be on order and so available in a shorter time period. Some of these saddles may be offered with a full 14 day ridden trial, see terms and conditions.


I only work with brands I truly love. Until 2021 I worked with only one brand of saddle and one brand of saddle pad, but more recently I’ve had some exciting developments in my business and can now offer two brands for each. All four of these are exceptional in their field, offering manufacturing quality as well as performing well above any others that I’ve come across over the years. None of the four are “tack shop” brands – they’re specialist, the best of the best and for my discerning customers who seek out the best solutions for the challenges they face for them and their horses.

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