My brand ambassador Emma Sayer and how she juggles work and horses

I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts and getting to know me and my horses. As Steph mentioned previously I have a full time job and a few horses so I thought I would let you know how I juggle my days to get the most out of my day and try to get everything done.

Normally my day will start early during the winter months to go get the horses out into their paddocks and mucked out ready for bringing in later the same evening before heading home to get ready for work. I am incredibly lucky that I have a very supportive family and mum brings all that are at home in and sorted for the night. Occasionally I will make it back in time to help. In January I moved Marty to a local livery yard so after work I got to ride, which was amazing! This did mean I had to go to two yards in the morning which meant a very early start!
Over the weekend I will most often be competing one of the days, occasionally having weekends off to relax and spend with family and friends. During the winter I don't compete as much due to less shows however, summer is very different and I will be out and about when I can.

Thankfully all my horses are very chilled and easy to look after. When the sun starts to shine in the spring months all our horses are turned out 24/7, which means I can have 'lay in'. Our horses are checked both morning and night by myself and mum, however on occasion we do it by ourselves when one of us have other plans. I am very fortunate to have the horses at home, which does make life easier. Around the horses I still do the usual house chores, gardening and work but quite often this is left to last once the horses are sorted. I will try and ride/exercise the horses 3 times during the week but this changes due to my working week and what I can fit in. I mainly hack but I do try and vary my horses exercise by doing different training. I have to be careful and watch the weather as our field can become hard very quickly and I don't like to ride on hard ground. At the weekend I will probably go to a show and if not we may hire an arena close by to exercise. 

None of what I have achieved over the past and forthcoming years would be possible without my very supportive family. I owe an awful lot to my family for their ongoing support. My dad does a lot of behind the scenes work maintaining the fields, stables just to name a couple, Mark my other half comes and repairs things I or my horses break and for letting me go out competing as much as I do and my mum who is the world's number one groom – yes she even beats Allan Davies! She's always there for me whether it is a good or a bad day. I am also very lucky that over the years I have made some very good friends through various clubs and shows.

Everyone has been so helpful, supportive and always there to offer guidance. To you all I would like to say a huge thank you for everything you do. Here's to an exciting future!"

Follow Emma (and perhaps find some news from her outing today at the Suffolk Show...) at Team Sayer

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