My brand ambassador Emma’s horsey history

I have been very lucky to have had horses in my life since day one. My grandparents owned a farmhouse with a few acres of land and for me, this is where it all started. Even when I was really young, after school and at the weekends I went to the yard to help Mum with her horses, although I was probably more of a hindrance than a help at that age! I would often jump on board Mum's horse if she went for a ride or the retired ponies would be tacked up to go for a short walk, however, we always used to fight for the favourite, Tarquin, who was a 14.2 palomino gelding and was an absolute saint! He was our favourite because we could walk along the track off the lead rein, however we never got far as he always stopped to eat the grass.  

At the age of 6 my parents bought myself and my brother Paddy, an 11.1hh welsh x Exmoor. He was an angel on the lead rein but a very naughty pony off the lead rein. We would always end up at the gate and having to be rescued by Mum as there was no way he was going back to do more work. Paddy taught me an awful lot and even gave me an insight into driving.

A few years later my parents bought me my next pony Bobby, a lovely 12.2hh grey ex-show pony who was very lazy but I had many years of fun on him. Bobby taught me to have a good seat as we would be trundling along and all of a sudden he would spook at a daisy moving and I would fall off. Bobby definitely still wins for the number of times he had me off. I always remember my first xc event – bearing in mind xc was not his thing as he didn't like being alone - where he stopped 15 times, I fell off 7, and there were only 14 jumps! After this, I swore I would never do xc again – how wrong I was! However, Bobby had been schooled very well and this is where my love of showing started. We entered many local shows and did very well.

My next little superstar was Watty, a speedy 13.2hh who we had on loan. Watty sadly suffered with asthma so our partnership was short lived as his medical condition become worse, so he went home to retire. Watty was very sharp and he taught me to sit quietly. He was a fab jumping pony and unlike Bobby loved xc. Whilst riding Watty Mum moved me onto her 14.2 Arab mare, Kimba. She was a very sensitive ride and she taught me very quickly to see a stride to a fence as she would take off wherever she fancied. Kimba had an amazing jump and I always had lots of fun on her. Sadly after 20 years together Mum had to say her final goodbye in Spring 2018 at the age of 24.

My next superstar, who I loaned from a friend, was Jack, a 14.2hh quarter horse. He was amazing and taught me so much. He loved to jump and we had so much fun together. Jack went back to his owner after a few years together and so next came Olivia, again who I was very lucky to loan as well. Olivia was my first youngster and now aged 15 I was up for the challenge. Olivia was beautiful and very quickly we had a great partnership together. Olivia was a part-bred Arab, who was bred to show. She was very flighty and sharp but I loved bringing her on. She taught me an unbelievable amount and again my love for showing was fired up once more.

Olivia didn't like jumping so the amazing Breezy came along. I owe an awful lot to Breezy as he was the one who took me places I had only ever dreamed of and without him I wouldn't be where I am today. We qualified for Pony Club novice eventing championships, competed in all PC novice teams, attended PC camps, rallies, ODE etc. Breezy loved to jump and nothing was too big, scary or testing for him. Breezy, at the grand old age of 26 has semi-retired and is mum's happy hacker. He is always up to no good! 

After 4 confidence-giving years with Breezy I was on the search for a horse to jump bigger tracks so along came Indie, my most challenging ride as yet. Indie is very enthusiastic about life and thinks she is Tigger! She also has qualified for events that again I have only ever dreamt of. We represented the PC in dressage, eventing and show jumping although sadly it was never our turn to qualify for the nationals.

During my latter years of Pony Club I joined my local riding club; we had an amazing first year qualifying for two championships, one at Aston-le-Walls (which she won!) and Swalfcliffe in the 1.10 three day event. This was our first big event, which involved roads and tracks and two trot ups. Indie loved the roads and tracks and came back bouncing ready to storm the biggest and most technical xc we had tackled yet. During our first season together Indie was diagnosed with Kissing Spine. She went for the operation and since has had a full competition life. During her time off I was looking for another ride to loan. One day I was talking to a friend from Pony Club who mentioned she had a 4 year old, welsh D in the field. I remember going to visit Marty and just thinking 'wow what a stunner there's no way I'll ever get to ride him'. Well how wrong was I!? Not only did I loan him and bring him on but I have been very lucky to have been able to buy him.His previous owners have been, and still are, incredibly supportive of us. I have brought Marty on slowly over the past four years and this year we are hoping to attend some qualifiers for RIHS, HOYs and Olympia. It has been my childhood dream to ride at HOYs. 

Also this year I will be breaking and bringing on my Connemara, Dennis. I hope one day he will be my working hunter and event pony.

As you have read I have been very lucky with the support and the ponies I have ridden. I am an all-round rider who enjoys having fun competing in various aspects, however I have always loved showing and I hope to pursue this further over the next few years. I am now more determined than ever to take on my dreams of HOYs, and even Olympia, and try to get those tickets.

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