Meet Emma Sayer, my new brand ambassador!

 I'm delighted to announce I've just been selected as Steph Bloom Saddle Fitter's brand ambassador.I'm a full-time primary school teacher juggling three horses and Steph has been brilliant in helping me find and fit a selection of used saddles to my clan.I was lucky enough to spend a week with a saddle fitter when I was at school and have been fascinated by it ever since. Even when I was that young I could see how important a well-fitted saddle was to every horse, but especially youngsters, so I was really pleased to meet Steph, a specialist in fitting wider horses and natives. She's been able to advise me on purchasing the right used saddles so that I can keep up with their ever-changing shapes, and of course, comes out and adjusts them for me regularly.

How my new brand ambassador, Emma Sayer, found me
Checking your own saddle

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