April 2022

First horse£60
Each additional horse£50
Note: consultation fees do not apply to the delivery of a new saddle
Rider assessment£50
Seat optimisation, off horse, required for all ErgoX2 fittings, recommended for AH fitting.
Calculated from IP21 5PN, added to visit fees, will be shared where more than one customer at a venue.
Up to 30 minutesNo charge
31-60 minutes£15
61-90 minutes£30
91-120 minutes£40
121-180 minutes£50
181+ minutes£60
Minimum, depending on the exact location
Used saddle£40
Remote or in-person consultation to advise on second-hand purchases where stock is not available.
Phone consultation£30
In-depth advice and referral suggestions for horses not quite ready for a new saddle.
Remote saddle check£30
Based on photos and videos, cannot replace a hands-on check.
Saddle Check & Fitting Charges
ErgoX2 check£80
To include full horse-saddle-rider ridden assessment and adjustments as necessary.
AH tree adjustment£80
Minor adjustments on-site, includes flocking rebalance.
Flocking adjustment£40
For AH and off-brand saddles, on-site, Jacob wool always carried, other flocking usually carried.
Off-brand ridden check£30
Checking saddle not purchased through me PLUS adjustment charges
Off site adjustmentsTBA
Where adjustments are not possible on site, depends on the exact work required, will be quoted.