If you struggle to get truly comfortable, let alone aligned and effective, in many saddles, or if you have a wide tricky horse or pony where everything slips, I might be just the saddle fitter for you.

You’ll find information on this site about the huge importance of approaching saddle fitting from the point of view of the triplicate horse-saddle-rider equation. After all, it’s so often impossible to isolate one from another, as demonstrated by recent biomechanical research, and ensuring all three are considered means we don’t miss underlying problems with horse or rider, always seeking the best holistic care for both human and equine.

In our work together we would ensure that nothing is missed, that appropriate professionals are referred to and that we make sure, a bit like the Sky racing team, that we chip away at everything that could help you and your horse and make sure you’re performing at your absolute best. This is not just regular saddle fitting.

If you want to take this step up and have a beautiful saddle perfectly suited to you and your horse’s biomechanical needs, then get in touch, I’d love to work with you.


  • "Steph has managed to work out why, despite being told I have a lovely position in the saddle I was still sustaining injury [from the saddle] and felt I was not effective…taking saddle fit for the rider as seriously as the horse benefits everyone. Thanks for getting to the bottom of my issues Steph. Look forward to a successful, more comfortable future."
  • "I had a wonderful experience with Steph. My pony is not an easy girl to fit, with a very short saddle platform and various issues meaning she fits the “remedial” bill. She has been in a treeless saddles for years because I couldn’t get a tree to fit her. Steph spent 2 hours with us in the cold, with several saddles that we tried to ensure the right fit for us both. We ended up with an AH Supercob GP and it fits like a glove. We both love it, and I’m so grateful to Steph for her expert advice and time."
  • "My old boy isn’t easy to fit as he has a sway back (he has been swayed back most of his life) and is croup high with a very small footprint to fit too. I had the amazing Steph to come and see what she could do as vets, chiro etc were saying perhaps time to retire him. I knew in my heart he wasn’t ready to retire…at the first saddle check she was so pleased to see that he had built muscle back up..she had to widen the tree. We can’t thank Steph enough for helping keep this much loved old boy in work which makes me smile every day and feel lucky to still be riding him at 27."
  • "I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how pleased I am with my new saddle and Inca seems to love it too! I find it incredibly comfortable and it allows me to sit in a very balanced and aligned position. Inca moves very freely in it and I love that I can feel her back moving and swinging so well. We're doing lots of hacking at the moment and I'm looking forward to building up the length of the rides as she gets fitter and stronger."
  • "My young sport cob….is 16.2hh but short backed and with a history of saddles slipping or just not fitting. He became “cold backed” and sore. Steph is very professional and knowledgeable – her experience with difficult to fit horses has been an important part of his management and we have gone from strength to strength since she has been visiting us. Highly recommend."
  • "Very pleased with our new AH saddle. This is Bob training this morning. He’s already starting to lift his back and engage his hind legs better. He’s very happy in his work and swinging along nicely. It feels so good when he lets go and I can close my lower leg gently around him and adopt a better hand position. The saddle is staying in the centre so allowing me to work the canter. Very excited about the progress we have already made and looking forward to a winter of productive sessions."
  • "Steph has been fitting 4 of my horses (of varying shapes and sizes!) for many years now. All of them are 'remedial' in their fit in some way. Steph's ability to listen to the issues I have and problem solve until we find the solution is second to none. Steph also supports me in providing a holistic approach to the care of my horses. I train with Becky Chapman at Ashen Equestrian Centre on the Suffolk/Essex border where we train from a biomechanical perspective with emphasis on long term soundness of my horses by correct posture and movement (horse and rider). This is very much in keeping with Steph's ethos of saddle fitting and the two complement each other well. Steph has a vast knowledge in how saddle fit influences the horse’s movement and how movement affects saddle fit. She is regularly needed to make vital adjustments as the horses training progresses. Team work really does make the dream work!!"


I only work with brands I truly love. Until 2021 I worked with only one brand of saddle and one brand of saddle pad, but more recently I’ve had some exciting developments in my business and can now offer two brands for each. All four of these are exceptional in their field, offering manufacturing quality as well as performing well above any others that I’ve come across over the years. None of the four are “tack shop” brands – they’re specialist, the best of the best and for my discerning customers who seek out the best solutions for the challenges they face for them and their horses.

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