• Katy Marriott-Payne

    Uphill James Fox

    Welsh Section A Stallion

    16” Symphony

    Katy is one of the foremost M&M producers in the UK and in 2014 approached me to see if AH Saddles could sponsor her after she liked the fitting of a customer’s pony.

    Katy has had a huge number of HOYS and Olympia rides over the years, several Best Of Breeds, but 2016 was an exceptional year winning both national M&M ridden championships, a quite incredible achievement. She is pictured here on her lap of honour at Olympia on Uphill James Fox.

  • Nick Taylor


    Connemara mare

    16.5” Ultimate Jump

    Nick and Shanti spend many hours riding over the wilds of Dartmoor, as his confidence has grown and he’s started tackling hunter trials he has “moved up” from a Sport GP to our Ultimate Jump which he finds super secure even up hill and down dale.

  • Suzanne & Jess McLeod


    Welsh Cross

    17" Ultimate Jump

    Nemo had been very uncomfortable in his previous saddle, in his Ultimate Jump he has gone from strength to strength winning at Pony Club and BE, and his whole way of going and musculature has been transformed.

  • Abbie Davies


    Traditional cob

    18” Supercob WH

    Abbie and Jester compete in both showing and dressage and in 2016 won their section at Novice level dressage at the Area Championships. Jester’s owner Marie is one of my longest standing customers.

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AH Saddles - The Range

All AH Saddles are traditionally handmade in Walsall, England, by master craftsmen and are not production line made. Our saddles are made from top quality English leather, and are designed with attention to detail and comfort. We welcome you to explore our range of GP, Jumping, Dressage, Working Hunter & Show and Pony Saddles.

Stephanie Bloom - Saddle Fitter

  • My Approach
  • Making a Booking
  • Areas Covered
  • On The Day
  • Remedial Fitting
stephanie bloom my approach

My Approach

I’m a specialist saddle fitter based in Suffolk, covering a huge territory helping all sorts of owners and riders with their wider and usually tricky-to-fit horses and ponies, often where all more local saddle fitters have been unable to supply a saddle that works. Most of my business comes from in person and online word of mouth, I don’t advertise at all and the company has a minimal advertising budget. I think that speaks for itself.

The saddles I fit are all top quality leather saddles from AH Saddles Ltd, built on traditional wooden trees in the Midlands, the home of saddle making for centuries. They are not like most traditional saddles however, despite appearances. They are designed from the ground up to work for wider horses and ponies, with special solutions for the croup high, the very wide, and for relatively large riders riding short backed horses.

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Stephanie bloom making a booking

Making A Booking

In order to provide the very best service to you I do ask that you phone up in the first instance or email with your phone number and a good time to call, if at all possible. I will want to see some key photos of your horse or pony so that I may bring the correct stock on the day, and to find out a few facts about you and your horsey aims, so that the saddle suits both of you. You will need to allow two hours for a new saddle fitting, I will send you an information sheet that explains the procedure on the day, seeing the saddle ridden is essential in achieving a guaranteed stable fit, though we do occasionally fit unbacked or injured horses that can’t be ridden, and work with you closely to ensure a good fit going forwards.

For saddle checks please note that the full call out applies, and that again I will want to see you ride in the saddle to be able to fully check it, allow one to one and a half hours. If you think you may want to try another saddle please let me know in good time so that again I can bring the correct stock.

stephanie bloom area covered

Areas Covered

Based in north east Suffolk I cover the following areas:

East Anglia

London and M25

South East England

Southern Central England – Hampshire, east Wilts, Dorset, Oxon

Midlands – including Lincs, Leics and across to Shropshire but not as far as Notts/Derbys

Occasional trips to the north west – Cheshire, Wirral, Gtr Manchester, North Wales, Staffs.

Call Out Charges

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On The Day

Your saddle fitting experience should always be a good one so I like you to know what to expect. Please don’t worry if you are nervous, I’m going to be watching the saddle and the horse much more than you, but equally you must be happy in the saddle so I am flexible in my approach and always let you take your time. I’m also more than happy to answer any questions you may have as we go along. At most fittings you’ll get the chance to ride in at least two saddles that fulfil the requirements for you and your horse and get to choose from them, having a saddle fitted for you on the day, not having to wait. The saddles all come on a 14 day trial so plenty of time to ride in front of your instructor, test it on hacks etc and be sure you both like it.

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stephanie bllom remedial fitting

Remedial Fitting

Some horses suffer from muscle damage from ill fitting saddles – this can be soft spots under the front and rear of the saddle, dents under the girth straps, or visible dents in the horse’s back that mirror the shape and position of the saddle. This is the most obvious reason for requiring a “remedial fit”. Remedial fitting means we are fitting the saddle not to the unhealthy muscle shape, but more to the shape that the back SHOULD be, to give the horse extra space and support to work correctly to regain that muscle. To do that we often need to use a remedial padding system like the Mattes correction system, pads that I both recommend and stock. If you already own a similar padding system I will always try to work with that.

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